All of our ruffled curtains have a 3 inch header and a 3 inch rod pocket. All single
ruffled curtains have 7 inch ruffles. We offer a variety of colored thread trim. We
offer many styles and colors. All of our curtains come with 2 pretied bow-tiebacks.
If you see a certain size and style you like but need a different color, length or
width just let me know and I will be glad to make them.
Single ruffled 200 x 84 - $80.00

Double ruffled 132 x 84 - $90.00
Single ruffled 132 x 84 - $75.00
This is a pair of 200 x 84 double
ruffled cream with a burgandy
thread trim and burgandy bows.
There is also a set of matching
tiers that are 132 x 36.
There are 2 pairs of curtains      
        at these windows.
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This is 2 pair of cream double
ruffled curtains that measure 100 X
63. The ruffles are cream surged in
a blue tread trim with blue pretied
bow tiebacks.This would give you a
total of 200 wide X 63 inches long.
You can use these at a double
window or two seperate single
Double ruffled - 100 x 63 - $65.00
Single ruffled - 100 x 63 - $50.00
Double ruffled - 200 x 63 - $70.00
Single ruffled - $50.00
This is a pair of 330 x 84 cream double
ruffled curtains serged in a burgandy
thread trim.  Each panel measures 132
inches wide by 84 inches long.  This set of
curtains also come with a 19 x 66 scalloped
insert valance that has 2 small burgandy
bows at the top. they also come with 2
burgandy pretied bow tiebacks.    This set
of curtains has over 33 yards of material in
them.  Our double ruffled curtains have a 7
inch bottom ruffle and a 5 inch ruffle on

    Double ruffled - $145.00
This is a pair of 200 x 63 double
ruffled cream curtains with a 7
inch cream curtains and a 5 inch
burgnady ruffle.   This set of
curtains also come with 2
burgandy pretied bow tiebacks.  
Double ruffled -  200 x 63 - $80.00
These are our solid white 200 x 63
single ruffled. The curtains on the
left also have a 19 x 66 insert
Single ruffled curtains - $55.00
Insert Valance - $25.00
!00 x 63 Solid cream single ruffled
curtains and 2 pretied bow tieback.
Double ruffled - $70.00
Single ruffled - $55.00
100 x 63 White with blue ruffles
and blue pretied bowtiebacks.

Double ruffled - $60.00
Single ruffled - $55.00
200 x 63 Double ruffled - $75.00
200 x 63 Single ruffled - $55.00
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